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2010 Motor Skutik TVS Qube 2,0 Hybrid

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TVS Motor added according to the meeting this year because we are distancing themselves launching new products, TVS Neo 110 cc X3i with extraordinary architecture arete accumulated with two attractive, capable and efficient ammunition, such as able-bodied as the different appearance of TVS. Besides it's one of our concepts of performance motorcycles, TVS Qube 2.0, futuristic-looking hybrid skutik.

TVS booth in the exhibition Jakarta Fair (PRJ), a figure that is confirmed to other motors can seize the attention of visitors in addition to Apache, Rockz and Neo X3i. What else if not a scooter matic (skutik) hybrid Qube 2.0. The figure Qube 2.0 pertained cute. This skutik arguably even smaller when juxtaposed with the Honda Beat and Yamaha Mio. But in India there TVS referred to it as environmentally friendly transportation future.

Explore the architectural aesthetic of minimalist abstraction with more or less affected, TVS Qube has a solid screen, the alignment of the hat castor, speedometer, panels, exhaust, seats up to rear lights that reflect how kensep fresh motor. Degree hybrid created by TVS Qube 2.0 using the hybrid force as powernya and able to provide the optimum balance between power efficiency and low exhaust emissions in support of a greener future.

2010 Motor Skutik TVS Qube 2,0 Hybrid

2010 Motor Skutik TVS Qube 2,0 Hybrid

According to TVS, Qube 2.0 BLDC hub motor capacity to accommodate 800 W motor torque capabilities and 13 Nm with an array of Li-Ion \ \ 48V 10Ah accommodation VRLA \ \ 48 V 12 Ah.

Accommodation was recorded 87.8 cc SOHC butt of different agents 4 stroke, baptizing Affected cooled, Qube apparatus capable of carrying capacity up to 3.68 kW (5 bhp) at 6500 rpm. While capable of broad torque 8.5 Nm @ 4000 rpm. Hybrid engine four-stroke single cylinder forced water cooler 87.8 cc SOHC can produce power for 5 bhp with a torque of 5.8 Nm. Using lithium-ion battery 48V skutik Qube is environmentally friendly future of this manufacturer dependencies Tajmahal.

2010 Motor Skutik TVS Qube 2,0 Hybrid

Qube 2.0 is the concept of TVS motor scooter matic type (skutik) which had previously been displayed at Auto Expo India-15, beginning in January 2010 then.

With a design philosophy of 'Less is more', TVS Qube has a solid display from the wheel caps, speedometer, panels, exhaust, seats up to rear lights that reflect the concept of a fresh motor, clean the same time become a strong candidate for the award of the world.

2010 Motor Skutik TVS Qube 2,0 Hybrid

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