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Gambar,Modifikasi Motor Honda Scoopy-i 2010

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Gambar,Modifikasi Motor Honda Scoopy-i 2010

All of the Japanese motorcycle manufacturers, like Honda, Suzuki, and Yamaha, and Kawasaki, performed an all-out.What is interesting in the motor segment is the emergence of automatic scooter models (skutis) and motor concepts. Honda's theme show Let's Have Fun With PGM-F1, proving its commitment to all its products by using injection to suppress emissions. This technology without compromising performance usually enjoyed by consumers. Honda motor show concept-X form Zaion premium skubek, Scoopy-injection 50 cc scooters are imported from Japan. The following retro model by Monkey and Ape. Special mini scooter model named Scoopy, suspected to be a prima donna for the Asian market, especially Thailand. With a small engine capacity, cruising ability is considered suitable for urban conditions.

Riding With Comfort
Unique design will not be perfect if not accompanied by convenience. AHM already thinking about it, and reflected through the various designs. Wide footrests space, making access to the foot has a lot of moves. Berteksturnya coated seat ergonomically shaped.

Do not worry, the position of front and rear seat passengers was designed to reduce fatigue semala long trips. This is obtained from a distance of upholstery with the footing and the distance of the body and handlebars that is ideal.

Pernik mandatory on a skutik course was prepared. Luggage space under the seat for example, has the cover to protect from dust congenital onions. Versatile shelves installed beneath the indicator panel design with two holes.

Same As Property Beat Machine
Scoopy an interesting body of technology which is also supported qualified. This motor uses 4 stroke engine 110 cc SOHC, just with that carried Honda Beat. This machine has bertandar Euro2 emissions, and is renowned as the most efficient engine fuel skutik.

Actually, Scoopy in Thailand has been using machine-tech injection (PGM-FI) bertsandar Euro3 emissions. However, Honda Japan has other considerations, still use carburetors because it follows satndar Euro2 emissions in Indonesia. Consideration was also greatly affects the price of this decision.

Others made the same completeness skutik Honda in general. For example, standard side-down position will make the engine die. Lever lock brakes are also installed to prevent the jump when the motor is turned on. Alternatively, an automatic choke for easy starting the machine.
Scoopy's new in the automatic safety ignition magnet. This system reduces the risk of theft, and facilitate the use of ignition in the dark.

Gambar,Modifikasi Motor Honda Scoopy-i 2010

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