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Honda Beat Modification

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Incredibly, the concept Bobber commonly used in Moge (big bike)? now, applied to the skutik? how it would, of course, new characters emerge, in addition to appearing more "grim", a small body skutik appear more muscular.

Look, modifications Honda Beat JDM year 2008 Project workshop created this. Although the body skutik maintained, wide applications footprint and change the handlebars and other parts bring a new aura.

According to Jody, JDM retainer, body skutik Bobber support for the injected flow. "Beat the tiny bodies and can have a significant advantage in the characters that will be formed, especially tire applications gambot (gambot), visual tire and the effect is so obvious," explains Jody.

For this application, Jody install-departed departed with 29 cm long, made double monoshock shock absorber with a new holder of the plate material on the right side of the engine, while the upper shock absorber holder made enough new drat that integrates with the framework of the body.

Honda Beat Modification

Tire tread width lansiran Sea Hawk dimension 120/70 R14 entrusted to guard the front foot, sector Shinko rear tire wear size 150/70 R17. Wide tire applications is supported custom wheels with radius much of JDM Project. To support the view aft, the exhaust Password ala moge pinned. Designed tapered front fenders front while the rear fenders dipesiunkan.

Furthermore, the factory default wheel thrown, but instead used fatbar handlebars that have characters straight, double perforated plate holder pinned as the handlebar holder.
As a finishing stage, body skutik dilabur yellow paint, some accessories pinned to memperkental characters, like the mirror box, the speed indicator and filter carburetor. Body deliberately not changed so much skutik Beat identities remain visible, clear Jody.

Through this modification, Beat no longer being isolated in its class, even the new faces like lovers skutik stout. Little Bobber, nowadays, many used as a reference for those users who want to appear different skuitik.

Specification modifications:
Handlebar: Fatbar
Fender front: the custom by JDM
Rear shock absorber: Kitaco
Swing arm: Custom by JDM plus 29 cm
Front wheels: Custom by JDM, ukurn. 4 x 14 x 72 inch
Rear wheels: Custom By JDM. Ukrn. 6 inches x14 x72
Front tire: 120/70-14 Sea Hawk
Rear tire: 150/70-14 Shinko
Exhaust: Password
Bracket custom double shock
Accessories: mirrors Out box miller law, the speed indicator
Workmanship: 3 weeks

Honda Beat Modification

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