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Honda Karizma R 2011 Review

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Honda Karizma R 2011 Review

Hero Honda Karizma R does not seem to have increased the prices of the new Karizma. Official website of the price will continue to look older. Hero honda karizma r 2011 launched Hero Honda has launched the new version of its popular 223 CC Hero Honda Karizma. As usual, the major changes are only cosmetic. This is nothing new from Hero Honda, they have been doing. We mentioned about the 2011 Hero Honda Karizma Spotted earlier.

for variant with Red Alloy Wheels: 75 rupees, 800 (Ex-Showroom Delhi) / R. 84 622 (Delhi Road)
for variant with Black Alloy Wheels: Rs 75,100 (Ex-Showroom Delhi) / R. 83 854 (Delhi Road)

Some features could or should have been added:

Karizma R in India has a reputation for being a very good touring bike. To maintain the same reputation, Karizma necessary evil tubeless tires and a powerful light. The 35-watt lamps in progress are insufficient relative to the headlamp glare 55-watt projector Pulsar 220E.

But Hero Honda Karizma 2011 did not tubeless tires and R 35-watt headlights still offers a new bike. 2011 Karizma tubeless tire special is odd, because even the 150 cc Hero Honda Hunk hours tubeless tires.

Cosmetic chages in 2011, Hero Honda Karizma R

Honda Karizma R 2011 Review

graphics redrawn
Clear turn signal lens
Black alloy foot peg on one side color
Black color rear swingarm
Black (complete) in the color chain cover
Black / Chrome finish on the front brake disc
Black tank cap color
copper (opaque) color front forks
the red spark plug cap
Motor Reflector
New lower area of the speedometer (the former had a yellow background)

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