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Minerva Fischer MRX 650

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PT Minerva Motor Indonesia has continued to boost sales. Miberva trademark holders in Indonesia, it will launch a sports model from the United States Fischer MRX 650 to carpet the Jakarta Fair (PRJ) in 2010.

Minerva Fischer MRX 650

Motor that will be marketed starting September, the plan dibanderol in the range USD 100 - USD 130 million. "The range of prices, which we set up the current USD 100 million and still below Rp 130 million. Range because it is still not final we specify. To be sure, for us it is difficult to market it under the USD 100 million, "said Kristianto Goenadi, President Director of PT MMI in Jakarta, Wednesday (9 / 6).

According Kristianto, a model that will be marketed in Indonesia it is the Fischer MRX that use carburetors. This is related with the right pricing strategy for consumers in Indonesia.

In the country of origin, Fischer MRX 650 is produced in two types namely pengabutan system with carburetor and injection systems. "Well, our consideration is to provide a competitive price. Therefore, we bring the type of carburettor to enter the Indonesian market first, "explained Kristianto.

Although different systems pengabutan fuel to the combustion chamber, but both types of engine performance was not much different. "Workers such as shared 82-85 horsepower at 9500 rpm and torque of 55 Newton meters at 7500 rpm," explained the man was friendly.

Both also use a 649 cc engine v-Twin, liquid-cooled, single Grand Prix chassis, Ohlins monoshock, and the Brembo braking devices.

Motor design Daniel Fischer - former Superbike champion Amerrika States origin which is also the owner of Fischer - it using Regina chain from Italy. While the machine was designed by Hyosung Motors, a South Korean manufacturer that is known as a specialist motor sport engine. Cool ...

Minerva Fischer MRX 650

Minerva Fischer MRX 650

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