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modifikasi yamaha mio soul

gambar modifikasi yamaha mio soul go green

Green moss here does not mean funny and cute singles ties. But, more on the colors chosen by a body modification Ratno Kriswanto from Majalengka, West Java. Yamaha Mio Soul repainted that color. "It was almost the same meaning hell with my status is still single," chortled Kris at the beginning of the conversation. But, baseball funny and cute?

Kris gave it all on Mark's Art Project, in order to whitewash the entire cover body yamaha Soul. Of course, for adjusting the color of the vehicle registration, which remains the dominant mangandalkan green. But Kris asked for a touch of graphic and symbol garputala, which became a symbol of the manufacturer Yamaha.

Besides the issue of color, Kris also averse if the form is still the standard yamaha mio soul. At least there must be some parts that dimodif. Alteration hell wants simpler, more toward the low rider.

"Understandably this is a motor bike daily, so modifnya not too heavy," said Kris again. This motor is also often worn for long trips to Jakarta for business.

Backward 25 cm
For the sake of realizing the dream skubek view, Kris referring modification workshop Denise Motor (DM) are versed in the affairs of modification. "The point wanted themes low rider, but is still carrying the safety element so that it remains comfortable riding the road daily. Moreover, this skubek so reliable as a daily ride," asked an honest Kris admitted again and continue looking for a boyfriend this.

By Dean, DM courtier, the original look of Soul did not undergo much change. Just focus on the foot-leg. Pursuing the impression of low rider, back leg is definitely back. "Listed metal-retreat retreat about 25 cm. Deemed fit, and its position menyesuaikaan Kris for comfortable posture when taken road," said modifier on Jl. K.H Abdul Halim No. 182, Market Balong, Majalengka.

Continue to turn the replacement rim. Soul ori rim had to be replaced. For front mounted Rossi variation of the product with 3-inch wide rubber wrapped in 120/60-14 size tires Swallow.

Who's the back, Denise apply rim of Suzuki APV cars that have previously been modified to adjust the axle Soul. Width to 5 inches.

Beres, for safety reasons before, disc brakes replaced with a larger size. Well, it seems ready escape from the status of singles nih?

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