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New Honda Mega pro The Hunter 2010

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Up to now offer three products Honda motor sport that is becoming andalannya Honda Tiger, Mega Pro and CS1.

"The market in our sport years ago around 48%. This year we hope that the market share of above 50% followed the new Mega Pro and CS1," said Sigit.
PT Astra Honda Motor (AHM) brand holder sole agents (ATPM) Honda motorcycle, launched a plan to return the latest Mega Pro

New Honda Mega pro The Hunter 2010

Data Industry Association Motorcycles Indonesia (AISI), the total sales and Tiger Mega Pro in 2007 reached 178,043 units. While Suzuki Thunder in the second position with 30% market share with total sales of 111,281 units. While the Yamaha through Scorpio and Vixion trail in third position with totalpenjualan 54,019 units (14.5%).
Total motor sport market in 2007 reached 370,625 units, donated 7.8% national market of 4,713,895 motor units. This year is also estimated to still be in the range of around 7% to 8%.
While the market share of Honda Motor sport in the quarter I reached 44.9% in the I quarter of this year with sales of 55,836 units.

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