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New Honda Vario CBS Techno

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New Vario, skutik Honda has been adopting new Combi Brake System (CBS). Like what? Combi Brake System on a new Honda Vario skutik CBS Techno principally designed to enable motorists to do a more ideal braking. When the rear brake lever (left lever) in press otomoatis front brake will also help braking. Skutik so much faster to lock the wheels stopped and the symptoms can be reduced.
"You just slowly roads after speed of 50 km / h trying to feel his CBS press the rear brake only and for the second time the CBS press the rear brake and front brake simultaneously," instruction Anggono Iriawan, Manager of Safety Riding, PT AHM before tester OTOMOTIFNET . COM spur skutik this water cooled.

New Honda Vario CBS Techno

And the result although the rear brake lever is pressed hard, the rear wheels are not locked. Interval that makes skutik increasingly slowed even more powerful until finally the sound of "ciiieeeet", rear wheel lock. "As much as possible the rear wheels do not lock because it will extend the braking distance. Just sorted the brakes, "continued Anggono.

Ok, let's repeat it. CBS still use the rear brake but more subtle and slowly massaged. The result is faster wheels stop, the rider weight distribution was determined by using only slightly different from the conventional rear brake.

Although only using the rear brake but because the front brake assist braking, so tasteless skutik easier to control.

Perhaps the easiest way to make sure the rear brake CBS is different from the conventional rear brake is a way to make a sliding rear wheel. We sprinted the rear brake lever press with a vengeance and throw the tail motor to the right or left.

On CBS Vario Techno sliding more difficult because although belakng wheels locked, the front brakes still come to slow down so that the resulting burst of smaller ones. Obviously this is very supportive of the safety of motorists, especially during extreme maneuvers unexpected and sudden braking needs.

Then a second test is to combine the rear brake and front brake CBS. Because of the principle works when the rear brake lever is pressed 1 / 3 of a stop only the rear wheels. Makin in up to two thirds, a new front brakes will begin to participate braking. Getting stuck in again until only the rear brake is more powerful front brake pengeremannya'm not getting stronger.

To create a more powerful front brake lever front brake must be pressed manually with the right. The result is in accordance with estimates, with the proper way braking skutik be quicker stops. First impression is the same with the data created by Mr. Testo from Tabloid AUTOMOTIVE, CBS apparently faster brake stop skutik. Steady!

New Honda Vario CBS Techno

CBS Vario Techno
Only the rear brake CBS: 14.3 meters
CBS rear brakes front brakes: 10.5 meters

Vario (no CBS)
Only the rear brake: 18.2 meters
Rear brakes front brakes: 14.5 meters

Same But More Comfortable
From the specification of the engine, the Vario Techno CBS is indeed no different from the previous Honda Vario. So if you want to imagine the performance of CBS Vario Techno, it's not much different from the first generation Vario. But when talking ascertained more comfortable rider ergonomics.

In the specification framework Vario Techno CBS is not far different from previous Vario. Wheelbase, high handlebars and others alike. But it seems more comfortable when sitting than the previous generation Vario. With a height of only 165cm writer, sitting on CBS Vario Techno perfect foot can tread.

'm Still a bit long in the Vario menjinjit. Apparently the cause is the design of seats that remain Vario Techno CBS thick but more compressed. Likewise with the footrest deck made more spacious but still comfortable. With this change of position ergonomic triangular arms, legs and a seat to be more perfect. From,

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