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Pendamping Skutik GTR Telah Di Siapkan Oleh Minerva

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PT Minerva Motor Indonesia (MMI) seem to still see huge opportunities in the domestic motorcycle market.

After checking himself will improve the appearance of Minerva Megelli trio will issue 250 and R150 VX in the early months of this year 2010, Minerva was interested to play it in segments that are skutik market is rapidly growing.

"We are very interested in this class, we have a name skutik GTX 125 is ready for launch," said MMI President Director Kristianto Goenadi, Tuesday (9/3/2010).

GTX 125 Kristanto itself according to a recent skutik will they spend in the arena Pekan Raya Jakarta (PRJ), July.

"Now we are preparing, in PRJ later this new bike plan will be launched," said Kristanto.

But this bike, go Kristanto will differ with the automatic motor bertransmisi already owned the Minerva Minerva Sachs GTR 150.

"If it skutik GTR sports a stylish, well this GTX model skutik ya like most, but certainly more interesting," said Kristanto.

Pendamping Skutik GTR Telah Di Siapkan Oleh Minerva

Later this motor according Kristanto will fight the Japanese motors have a capacity of 125 which the market first. If that's true, Suzuki skutik market who will be crushed Minerva.

Because until now only playing in Suzuki skutik segment of 125 cc capacity, the new Yamaha will be followed with their 125 Mio.

"For the price enggak too far from 125 cc skutik existing anyway," said Kristanto without naming his opponents.

Pendamping Skutik GTR Telah Di Siapkan Oleh Minerva

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