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2002 Yamaha Scorpio Jap's Style Pictures

Posted at 04.59 by purtini

2002 Yamaha Scorpio Jap's Style

scorpio jap's style (SOLD)
Goods Condition: New
Price: Rp. 12.000.000
Seller Location: Banten

as subject, sold yamaha scorpio modif jap's style.
new story yesterday bought this bike in Kaskuser also ..
but once arrived home ama dikomplen chants, coz his model, he does not like it ..
in order to maintain stability and security in the country, it would have to be sold again ..

2002 Yamaha Scorpio Japstyle
Yamaha DT custom tank models
Triangle Custom aluminum
Variation of an old car headlights
17-inch rim ring champs
Front rear 2:50 3:50
Dunlop 110/70/17 front tires
Yokohama 130/90/17 rear tires
Handlebars Handlebars Kawasaki KLX 150 and Yasashi Custom Garage
Custom muffler shop Supertrap model Axietrust Bandung
Rear drum Gasgas Special Engine
YSS Monoshock

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