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2011 Piaggio MP3 250 Pictures

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2011 Piaggio MP3 250

When you can not ride two wheel motor cycle, it is time for you to ride three wheel motorcycle. This motor is designed with two wheels in front and one wheel in the back. It is very easy to ride and handle this motor in the road. About the speed it is not questionable since this motor has high tech engine. The engine is Single-cylinder QUASAR, four-stroke, four-valve, electronic injection, catalyzed and 244.3cc that make this motor run fast and the engine is heat resistant. This motor is very economical in fuel consumption, since this motor has Electronic injection system that manages the fuel supply. This motor is also easy to stop when it is running fast since this motor has great brakes. The brakes are Two stainless steel discs, 240 mm and floating, caliper with two pistons, 30 mm and Stainless steel disc, 240 mm and caliper with opposite pistons, 30 mm. the tires of this motor are Front: 120 / 70, 12” Rear: 130 / 70, 12” that make this motor never has air leak. For the price information, you can visit near dealer.
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