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Modifikasi Honda Blade Jadi CBR 600

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End of 2009, Adhi Wicaksono handed Danukusuma modification works as a sort of breakthrough. Selected base modifiers of Lent Automodified Probolinggo, East Java, this is a Honda Blade 2009. "This must be a phenomenal work, so I'm support gone," said Budiono, the owner of the motor dealer who is also skipper Honda in Probolinggo Pigeons 2.

Modifikasi Honda Blade Jadi CBR 600

Because Honda Blade, Adhi chose the concept refers to the modification Honda CBR600. Thus, a sports genre that is characteristic thick moved to Blade CBR600. However, he did not trace the total concept and its reference because he argued that this modification the total result of improvisation and pure thoughts.

Siwe-daily penggilan Adhi-no cuap origin. Proof, a scrawny body changing Blade like moge, contain and sturdy. Even harmonization and maintained good detail.

With new clothes, of course the effect on the legs of a lack of balance if still retain original devices-devices. The solution, one set of legs from the Honda NSR-SP installed. Then, pro-arm system that is commensurate diapakai if disanding the bodywork.

Dominance of yellow graphic style with motifs made CBR600 Budi besutan look fierce. This was reinforced by the main lamp models from Honda Airblade is suitable. Although not exactly the same shape, at least, this approach miriplah motor. At the top of such mounted lights dark visor.

"This is a variation that is often applied Ninja 250 communities," said Adhi. The back is made thin and long, tapering to the front menyeimbangi that looked like a forward

Modifikasi Honda Blade Jadi CBR 600

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