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Modifikasi Honda Vario

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Modifikasi Honda Vario

Lots of young people today who like to modify the bike but many were only crudely modify it. The difference with this one young child, because the concept modifnya armor, meant to be dismantled pairs. "That is, although extreme, original body is still there," says this young entrepreneur.

If you see every side of a pointed shape, symbolizing the hero weapons. As the front cover, original lamp. The most sensational part, of the back. The model is like a spiral. "I most like the stern of this and be able to invite the attention of people. Something really different," proud father of this child.

Remarkably, many curves, made of fiber. To emphasize the tapering angle and curve, selected one silver color plus black dots.

Not only an impressive body of weapons of war. Contrived Sepatbor tapered front, including a custom rim design with the all-pole spear. Even the size was somewhat daring peleknya, rear and front 8 inches 5 inches. Because the width, axle pushed back to 20 cm.

Uniquely, the rear suspension can be up and down to 5 cm of water because it is equipped with suspension. Recognized Deto, these applications were copied from the car community. To keep the air tube is placed on the deck and filling the air took place as the motor in a well lit due to energy sourced from the battery.

However, to make it able to act skutik still need manual labor. This means, for the wind flow to the rear suspension uses such as a regulator of the tap.

Unfortunately, it is less convenient skutik taken for long walks. Deto not dizzy, because Honda Vario was built for the race.

Modifikasi Honda Vario

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