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Modifikasi Satria FU Dan Spesifikasi

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Modifikasi Satria FU Dan Spesifikasi

Suzuki Satria FU appear to have been Facelift. Where is the Suzuki make some changes in the sector. Among other winshield, Dashboard and the exhaust and change the color-block engine with a yellow clutch. doff / Flat Gold Tujuanya not others, the strengthening of the engine siluet middling sized large.

Front of the lights seen in the sepereti Kawasaki Athlete. But the actual model is the property of impersonating Suzuki GSX-R 600/750 K8. Remember FU now have coconut shell lamp similar to the Hayabusa K1. Meanwhile, gold color flat machine make an impression on the dominant engine of sasis.

At this time many young people who do not like to use standard motors from the factory. After buying most of them will change according to taste modifier. Here's an example:

Modifikasi Satria FU Dan Spesifikasi

1. airbrush body in dub city models, using paint siekens
2. pake front 50/90-17 rear tire size, brand Yoko
3. pake mothai arm arm supra, posh brand
4. Sokbreker rear rigid, contrived double sokbreker!
5. Yoshimura exhaust brand pake

Modified Engine Parts
1. Use piston Yamaha Scorpio
2. PE-28 karbu

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