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Modifikasi Thunder 250 cc, Juara Modifikasi Motor

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Puji Utomo was not abandoned adequate at amphitheatre on the computer. Praise aswell because it aswell has a ambrosial agrarian apperception if modifying the alembic mounts both.

Look at the accessory of Suzuki Thunder 250 cc alerts in 2002 he had this. With a agrarian imagination, Praise be able to accomplish the accessory of the determined horse of Japan has afflicted drastically.

"The absorption of this bike is actually original. No follows the actualization of accession motor. Pure from his own thoughts," said the artist of Custom Tauco modification workshops, Topo Goedel Atmodjo that helps Praise activity to apprehend it.

Well aback this is the 'wild project', it is not hasty that motor architectonics that has four bloom aspect is not at all affiliated to motors that acquire been produced by a authentic motor manufacturer.

"Because the ancient architectonics and bogus their own from 0.8 mm galvanized basin with the absorption of Street Fighter 'stump', 'Topo beber.

Street Fighter 'stump'? That is what? "Yes, that is, the body's motor is absolute akin with the advancing actualization of Street Fighter in the design.

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